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• Japanese • アンダーソンビル
Tanoshii is a premier sushi destination in the heart of Chicago, renowned for its outstanding Japanese cuisine. The restaurant boasts a sterling reputation for the quality of its sushi and sashimi, with reviewers declaring it the "best actual sushi bar in Chicagoland", and "hands down the BEST sushi in the city". Acclaimed Chef "Sushi Mike" crafts each roll with precision, offering tantalizing flavors that melt in your mouth like fine wine. The Omakase experience, where the chef decides the selection, is highly recommended by pleased customers. The reviewers’ praise for the innovative, fresh sushi and the unique chef-driven experience attests to Tanoshii's commitment to offering a top-notch Japanese dining experience.
• Japanese • レイクビュー、イースト・レイクビュー
Located in Chicago, Itoko is a standout Japanese restaurant highly praised for its exceptional food and service. As reflected in numerous customer reviews, the restaurant delivers an impressive array of dishes including the acclaimed scallops, sushi, and nigiri, all of which have been described as ‘superb’. Customers relish the innovation of the rolls, the pristine quality of the seafood, and the delicious uniqueness of dishes like the Japanese doughnut. The ambiance, decor, and exceptional service also elevate the dining experience, with one customer declaring it the "best Japanese place in Chicago". Itoko's commitment to quality and authenticity has earned it a trusted reputation and a steadfast clientele looking forward to their return visits.
Indie Cafeの写真
• Japanese • エッジウォーター
Indie Cafe is a highly-regarded restaurant known for its outstanding Asian cuisine. Based on multiple reviews, the restaurant's yellow curry, sushi, ramen, vegan tempura and drunken noodles have garnered special mentions for their exceptional taste. It is a place where food is not just served, but 'beautifully crafted with an artist's touch.' The ambiance, filled with art, matches the quality of their dishes, making it an ideal location for intimate date nights or joyful family dinners. Despite some criticisms about the staff service, the delicious food and pleasant environment ensure customers keep coming back. The Indie Cafe leaves a mark not just on the palate but also on the hearts of its patrons.
• Japanese • リンカーン パーク
Juno is a remarkable restaurant offering exceptional Japanese cuisine, located in Chicago. The quality of their service is exceptional and is repeatedly praised in reviews. According to the reviews, this locale offers an extraordinary dining experience featuring high-quality sushi, innovative dishes like the uni shooters and non-sushi appetizers like the seared scallops with squid-ink pasta. It is highly recommended for the Omakase menu, which is a tasting experience beloved by patrons. The reviews assert Juno as one of the best, if not THE best Japanese restaurant in Chicago, and among the finest in the country. One diner compares the experience to their visits to Michelin-starred establishments. With such high acclaim, Juno represents a whole new level of Japanese cuisine, making it a must-visit destination for any sushi enthusiast or lover of Japanese food.
Q Sushi Bar and Omakaseの写真
• Japanese • リンカーン スクエア
Q Sushi Bar and Omakase in Chicago has drawn rave reviews for its exceptional sushi and remarkable service. The restaurant has been described as the best sushi place in town, recognized for the quality and freshness of its fish. Patrons frequently highlight the "amazing omakase experience" and the chefs' innovation in combining flavors. The attentive staff and relaxing ambiance further enhance the dining experience. Attention to detail, unique and creative menu offerings, and a knowledgeable team guarantee customer satisfaction. The high caliber of sushi has lured many back for repeated visits. Whether you are looking for casual dining or celebrating a special occasion, Q Sushi Bar and Omakase delivers a memorable culinary experience.
Agami Contemporary Sushiの写真
• Japanese • アップタウン
Agami Contemporary Sushi, is renowned for its superb sushi cuisine in Chicago. Patrons have heaped praises on the restaurant for its excellent cuts of fish for nigiri sushi, and the unique and creative sushi selection that rivals any in the city. Compliments from customers like "The best Sushi I've ever had," and "TOP of the tops", highlight Agami's commitment to maintaining the highest standards. The cozy ambience suits both romantic date nights and family dinners. The warm hospitality, manifested in thoughtful gestures like personalized birthday celebrations, adds to an unforgettable dining experience. Agami Contemporary Sushi is indeed one of Chicago's hidden sushi gems.
Raisu - Chicagoの写真
• Japanese • アービング・パーク
Raisu, located in Chicago, is highly praised for its exemplary Japanese cuisine. Ensuring a delightful dining experience, the restaurant is appreciated for its exceptional quality of food and service. As a recurrent theme in the reviews, patrons extol the freshness of the sushi and the skill with which it is prepared, indicating a true adherence to authentic Japanese techniques. The "Omakase" and "Inferno Roll" have been particularly lauded. Patrons also value the extensive selection of Japanese beers and sake that perfectly complement the meals. Visitors' experiences are further elevated by the warm, accommodating staff and the restaurant's cosy and intimate ambience.
• Japanese • ベルモントセントラル、クラギン
An experience is what we offer— an unforgettable experience for your senses. Our 15 course omakase meal is perfectly complimented with great music, ambiance, and charming service. Our small staff has been in the sushi industry collectively for over 30 years and we have nothing but respect and passion for good service and food. Nothing excites us more than to be a part of an unforgettable evening with you and your loved ones.
Kyoku Sushiの写真
• Japanese • リンカーン パーク
Kyoku Sushi is a highly acclaimed sushi restaurant located in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Renowned for its omakase dining experience, the freshness and high-quality of its fish have been widely praised in reviews. The restaurant's menu features a wide variety of sushi and sashimi, with its core nigiri and sashimi options being the stars. Another crowd-pleaser is "The 9", which includes nine pieces of the season's freshest fish varieties, including dry aged toro with sturgeon caviar. The exceptional service combined with the exquisite food and tranquil ambiance make Kyoku Sushi a must-visit, as per the many enthusiastic reviews. Finally, many customers appreciate the restaurant's affordability and the great value it offers for its quality.
Gyu-Kaku - Chicago, IL | Lakeviewの写真
• Japanese • レイクビュー、イースト・レイクビュー
Gyu-Kaku, located in the lively Lakeview district of Chicago, is undeniably a staple for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts. Reviewers unanimously praise this restaurant for its exceptional food quality, fun and unique dining experience that includes cooking at the table, and excellent service. A popular choice is the Chef’s choice serving for two, noted for its great value. The Japanese BBQ offered by Gyu-Kaku is repeatedly commended as some of the best around. Outstanding service coupled with a wide variety of delicious Japanese dishes, makes this restaurant a must-visit for a memorable dining experience.
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