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Sushi Kappo Tamuraの写真
• Japanese • レイク ・ ユニオン/イーストレイク
Sushi Kappo Tamura stands out as a Japanese restaurant renowned for its high-quality sushi and exceptional service, as per numerous reviews. It's known for its professional and knowledgeable chefs who maintain traditional style sushi with perfect fish-rice ratios and offer a selection beyond the standard tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. Commended for its cleanliness and modern ambiance, the restaurant is also appreciated for being accommodating. Its menu features a wide variety of sake, making for a complete Japanese cuisine experience. Reviews highlight the restaurant's commitment to using seafood from sustainable, responsible sources, which demonstrates its authenticity and dedication to the cuisine.
Momiji SLUの写真
• Japanese • レイク ・ ユニオン/イーストレイク
Momiji SLU is renowned for its exceptional Japanese cuisine, particularly for its exemplary sushi. Patrons laud the restaurant for its "great variety of Sushi", "freshness" and "creativity". The "Mona Lisa roll" and "scallops" were particularly enjoyed by one diner, while another voiced their satisfaction for the "fresh unagi" and "sockeye salmon sashimi". The restaurant's service is frequently described as "fantastic", "friendly", and "efficient". Its location in South Lake Union, paired with its "gorgeous modern space", is loved by many customers. "Momiji is the best Japanese restaurant in town", declared a patron, emphasizing the restaurant's excellent reputation. "Highly recommend", is a repeated sentiment in the reviews, assuring future visitors of a delightful dining experience at Momiji SLU.
Moshi Moshi Sushiの写真
• Japanese • バラード/フリーモント
Moshi Moshi Sushi in Ballard is celebrated for providing an authentic Japanese dining experience that leaves customers yearning for the next visit. Consistently applauded for its excellent service and high-quality sushi, the restaurant is hailed as one of the best sushi spots in the area. Reviewers rave about the fresh, high-quality fish used in their incredibly creative and unique sushi rolls, which they describe as "comparable to downtown". The Japanese cuisine's integrity stands out, with traditional dishes like takoyaki being favorably compared to versions tasted in Japan. Furthermore, Moshi Moshi Sushi's diverse menu and attentive staff enhance the overall experience, making it not just a restaurant but a true Japanese culinary journey.
• Japanese • ウォリングフォード
Kisaku, located in Seattle, is renowned for its high-quality Sushi cuisine. Reviews consistently praise the sushi for its superb quality and exceptional freshness, deeming it as good, if not superior to other acclaimed sushi establishments in the city. Patrons appreciate the variety and the creativity of the sushi, especially the special combinations made by the chefs at the sushi bar. The restaurant is described as a neighborhood gem, offering great value for money, a relaxed atmosphere, friendly service, and excellent sake. Kisaku is not only recommended for sushi lovers but also for family celebrations, demonstrating its versatility and wide appeal.
• Japanese • ベルタウン、パイクプレイスマーケット
Wa'z in Seattle is highly regarded for its authentic Japanese cuisine. As an expat mentions, it's an "authentic Japanese fine restaurant" that takes you back to Japan. One review states it as "one of my favorite Japanese high-end restaurants in Seattle if not the most favorite," with exceptional seafood and wagyu being prepared in front of you. Customers are often delighted and surprised, appreciating the intimate setting and detailed introduction to each course. The overall consensus is that while it may be pricey, the outstanding quality and culinary experience make it truly worth the value. The staff's dedication to customer service is also noteworthy, extending to the special recognition of customers' anniversaries or birthdays, creating a memorable overall experience.
UMIGAWA Sushiの写真
• Japanese • カークランド
Located in Totum Lake, UMIGAWA Sushi has quickly become a favorite for sushi lovers. Reviewers consistently highlight the outstanding quality of the sushi, with special mentions of the nigiri and the unusually enticing foie gras sushi. Many consider it the best sushi option in Kirkland, Woodinville, Redmond, Bothell. The attention to service is highly praised, with the staff being described as courteous, attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable. The ambiance enhances the overall experience, as further confirmed by a review, "Courteous and attentive servers paired with amazing sushi and good ambiance made for an amazing dining experience". Perhaps the best compliment UMIGAWA Sushi received in the reviews was, “It may sound bizarre, but the foie gras sushi is one of the best things on earth!”.
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