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をことて 根津の写真
• 日本料理 • 日暮里・谷中・根津・千駄木
※Our restaurant is only for course reservations.※Eight seasonal dishes 9,350 yen (tax included)*You may order an additional dessert of your choice.An omakase course woven from the sea and mountains and decorated with seasonal ingredients.Please enjoy a course featuring the best of spring, summer, fall, and winter.Seasonal eight dishes* Appetizer* Appetizer* Bowl* Seasonal sashimi* Oryogi "Seasonal a piece of sushi* Grilled dish* Meat dish* Oshoku-meshi "Freshly Cooked Rice in a Kettle ※You can order your favorite dessert. ※The menu is subject to change depending on availability.Notes*Children under elementary school age are not allowed to visit the restaurant.*This restaurant is a non-smoking establishment.*We do not accommodate vegetarians or vegans.*A 100% cancellation fee will be charged to customers who cancel on the day of the event.Alone time. Time for two. Time with family.Delicious food and comfortable space make us happy.We want to deliver to everyone "a happy time on a memorable day.This is the store that gives shape to such a desire. The name of the restaurant, "Wokotte" is derived from a sign that is the root of a particle that bonds words.When we connect "people to people," "food to people," "food to drinks," "space to time," and various other things, smiles naturally appear on everyone's faces. It will give you energy for tomorrow. We want to be a restaurant that continues to create and bond with you every day. We want to pursue the possibilities of food and continue to renew them.It is with this strong desire that we opened "Wokotte".We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you all one day.OwnerNezu 根津 / Ueno 上野 / Nippori 日暮里 / Sendagi 千駄木 / Yushima 湯島Wasyoku 和食 / Japanese Sake 日本酒 / Kappou 割烹ひとり時間。ふたり時間。家族との時間。おいしい料理と心地いい空間は私達を幸せにしてくれます。「記憶に残る ある日の幸せなひとつの時間」を皆に届けたい。そんな想いを形にしたお店です。店名の「をことて」は、言葉と言葉を絆ぐ助詞の語源となった符号より名付けました。「人と人」「料理と人」「料理とお酒」「空間と時間」様々なものを絆いでいくと皆に自然と笑顔が生まれる。明日への活力になる。皆様と日々作り続け絆ぎ続けるお店であり続けたい。食の可能性を追及、そして更新し続けたい。強くそんな想いで 「をことて」を開店させていただきました。たったひとつのある日の皆さまにお会いできますのを心より楽しみにしております。店主当店はコース予約のみになっております。季節の料理八品  9,350円(税込み)※デザートはお好きなものを追加でご注文いただけます。注意事項※小学生以下のお子様のご来店はできません※当店は禁煙になります※ベジタリアンやヴィーガンには対応できません※当日キャンセルのお客様には100%のキャンセル料をご請求します
はん亭 根津本店の写真
• 串揚げ • 日暮里・谷中・根津・千駄木
串揚げ処、はん亭として先人が残した古い建物を営々とまもってきました。この世紀の初めになって、道路拡張の施行が決まり、建物の前面が削り取られることになりました。その傷あとを大きな「鉄の矢来」で被い、「やらい」のすき間を通して古い「かたち」が見え隠れする「現在」と「過去」が混在する新しいかたちの建物になりました。明治時代にたてられ、関東大震災にも耐えた総けやき造り木造三階建ての日本家屋はとても珍しく、なかなか見る事ができません。価値ある建物として、文化庁が指定する登録有形文化財にも指定。二階、三階の窓から眺める瓦の波が、とても心地よく下町風情を感じられます。Kushiage [deep-fried skewers] restaurant Hantei preserves the structure of its ancestors. There was a decision around the beginning of the century to widen a road which involved removing the frontage of the original building. The new structure is a blend of past and present: a large metal fence covers the scars from the construction and through the gaps in that fence the shape of the old building can still be seen.Three-story structures built from Japanese zelkova wood are rare and difficult to find in Japan - built during the Meiji era, it even withstood the Great Kanto Earthquake. The building was also designated as part of the tangible Cultural Properties by Japan's Agency of Cultural Affairs. The second and third floor offer a gorgeous view of the beautifully aligned roof tiles that give it a pleasant downtown charm.
ハードロックカフェ 上野駅東京店の写真
• アメリカ料理 • 上野・御徒町
ミュージシャンの使用した衣装やギターを飾った店内で、ノンストップで流れるミュージックを聴きながら、手作りにこだわったアメリカ料理と革新的なカクテルが楽しめるレストランです。 併設するロックショップでは、ハードロックカフェのロゴマークと各店舗の都市名をデザインしたオリジナルグッズを販売しています。In 1971, the original Hard Rock Cafe was established in London. Well known for its “Love All, Serve All” policy and “All Is One” mentality, this restaurant that stated pure soul was the appearance of the theme restaurant that carried out as a momentum of weakening class society of Europe. From interior, logo, food, service, and even staff uniform was filled to the charm, which smashed the common sense of the very conventional restaurant, and it held the fans captive from across the world. As in other countries, the Hard Rock Cafes in Japan allow you to enjoy American home-style cooking while Rock & Roll fills the restaurant all around you. In addition, Memorabilia such as guitars, outfits, gold disks, and autographed posters from famous musicians decorate the walls. The LOGO T-shirt with a city name sold only to the person who visited the store of the city became a well renowned hot-selling product. “People” magazine raved about the Hard Rock Cafe as the “Smithsonian of Rock & Roll.”
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