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REVO BREWING レボ ブルーイングの写真
• 未指定 • 横浜
Yokohama Minato Mirai / Craft Beer Restaurant & Bar with BreweryThe brewery restaurant and bar, with a night view of the Minato Mirai area, offers a restaurant, dining room, bar, private dining room, and party rooms.The brewery restaurant has 220 seats, the largest of any brewery restaurant.The restaurant has 220 seats, one of the largest in the brewery restaurants.The menu includes a T-bone steak and craft beer roasted whole chicken for everyone to enjoy, as well as popular dishes such as three kinds of homemade sausages.We have a wide variety of dishes such as T-bone steak, roasted whole chicken with craft beer, and our popular three kinds of homemade sausages.We also offer a wide variety of beverages, including home-brewed beer, cocktails, wine, and whiskey.We are available for various occasions such as dinner with your loved ones, casual drinks, groups, and after-parties of weddings.Please stop by and spend a wonderful time with us.
横浜 なだ万の写真
• 日本料理 • 横浜
#なだ万 #Nadaman
横浜 なだ万賓館の写真
• 日本料理 • 横浜
1830年創業のなだ万が伝える、四季折々の日本料理味わい豊かに彩り華麗に。四季折々の移ろいを味覚に込めて―。調理長厳選によるこだわりの食材と、洗練された日本料理をお楽しみ下さい。木の格子に囲まれた落着いた空間で、老舗のおもてなしをご提供致します。*在庫がない場合でもお席がご用意できる場合がございます。お電話で店舗へ直接お問い合わせください。#なだ万 #Nadaman
揚州飯店 本店の写真
• 中華料理 • 横浜
横浜中華街に本格中華料理の店『揚州飯店』が誕生して半世紀以上!常に変わることなく鮮度の高い食材を用い本場熟練の技・中華の匠が心を込めて至福のひとときをお届けします。1階フリーテーブルから5階洋室まで全280席。厨房には水槽を設置し、季節の旬な魚介類をご提供いたしております。お食事会や接待など、大切なご友人やお客様と素敵な時間を過ごせる個室もご用意。100名様以上のご宴会も対応可能です。目的や人数に合わせてご利用くださいませ。More than half a century has passed since the "Yangzhou Hotel" was born in Yokohama Chinatown.You can enjoy a happy moment with cooking using fresh ingredients made by Chinese authentic chefs.We set up aquarium in the kitchen, we offer fresh seafood in season.We also have a private room where you can spend a wonderful time, such as dinner party with important friends and entertainment with customers.A total of 280 seats from the 1st floor free table to the 5th floor Western style room.Banquets for more than 100 people can also be accommodated.
• イタリア料理 • 横浜
シチリア、ノートのイタリア料理有名店、crociffisoの日本店。ヴィアトスカネッラとcrociffisoでセコンドシェフを務めていた阿部が腕をふるいます。シチリア現地で食べられる料理と綺麗に彩ったリストランテの料理を楽しめます。via toscanella自慢の手打ちパスタとトスカーナ料理の色を加えながら、料理とワイン、イタリアと日本、シチリアとトスカーナ、トラットリアとリストランテ、色々要素がcrocifisso (十字架)のように交わるイタリアンを演出します。素材の味を存分に活かしたシチリアを中心としたイタリア料理をお腹いっぱいにお楽しみください。店内は広いガラス面で横浜の景色を一望。落ち着いたムードある雰囲気で食卓を演出いたします。2名様から最大12名様の個室を3室完備。接待、デート、ご会食、プロポーズなどあらゆるシチュエーションにご利用頂けます。開放感ある空間の中で、結婚式、結婚式二次会、貸切パーティーなどでも完全着席40名様まで、立食55名様までご利用頂けます。お手軽な2時間フリーフロー付きのパーティープラン¥5000(税サ別)~をご利用くださいませ。Japanese branch of Crociffiso, a famous Italian restaurant in Note, Sicilia.Chef Abe who served as a second chef in Via Toscanella and Crociffiso displays his skill in cooking.You can enjoy local Sicilian dishes and a taste of Ristorante beautifully and colourfully presented.We serve Italian cuisine in which a variety of element such as food and wine, Italy and Japan, and trattoria and ristorante meet up as Crocifisso (Cross), together with hand-made fresh pasta as well as the color of Tuscan cuisine. Please enjoy the Italian cuisine focused on Sicilian food, making full use of the taste of ingredients until you get full. The inside of the restaurant has large glass windows and you can see the view of Yokohama area. We produce a dining table with a calm atmosphere. There are three private rooms available from party of 2 to party of 12. You can use the private rooms for various situations such as entertainment, date, dinner gathering and marriage proposal etc.
ヴィア トスカネッラの写真
• イタリア料理 • 横浜
「Via Toscanella」では7種の手打ちパスタをはじめとして、ジビエやリボッリータなどトスカーナ地方のお料理を色濃く反映した本場イタリア料理をご提供させていただいております。イタリアの現地に行かずして体験できる本格的なトスカーナ料理をどうぞお楽しみください。Via Toscanella serves authentic Italian cuisine from the Tuscan region of Italy. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients and homemade pasta to deliver classic, traditional flavors in each dish. The spacious dining area at Via Toscanella features high cathedral-style ceilings, portico architecture and clean white d_cor. The restaurants atmosphere is elegant and modern. The menus at Via Toscanella are created using seasonal, local produce, meat and fish. All pasta, bread, sauce and desserts are hand-made. The restaurant never uses chemical seasonings or ingredients. Guests can choose from a variety of set course meals for lunch and dinner.
ハードロックカフェ 横浜店の写真
• アメリカ料理 • 横浜
ミュージシャンの使用した衣装やギターを飾った店内で、ノンストップで流れるミュージックを聴きながら、手作りにこだわったアメリカ料理と革新的なカクテルが楽しめるレストランです。 併設するロックショップでは、ハードロックカフェのロゴマークと各店舗の都市名をデザインしたオリジナルグッズを販売しています。In 1971, the original Hard Rock Cafe was established in London. Well known for its “Love All, Serve All” policy and “All Is One” mentality, this restaurant that stated pure soul was the appearance of the theme restaurant that carried out as a momentum of weakening class society of Europe. From interior, logo, food, service, and even staff uniform was filled to the charm, which smashed the common sense of the very conventional restaurant, and it held the fans captive from across the world. As in other countries, the Hard Rock Cafes in Japan allow you to enjoy American home-style cooking while Rock & Roll fills the restaurant all around you. In addition, Memorabilia such as guitars, outfits, gold disks, and autographed posters from famous musicians decorate the walls. The LOGO T-shirt with a city name sold only to the person who visited the store of the city became a well renowned hot-selling product. “People” magazine raved about the Hard Rock Cafe as the “Smithsonian of Rock & Roll.”
カリフォルニア・ピザ・キッチン ラゾーナ川崎店の写真
• アメリカ料理 • 川崎
イタリアの伝統的なピッツァメニューの枠を超え、カリフォルニアの自由な感覚から生まれた、グローバルなトッピング・アイデアによるオリジナリティ溢れるプレミアムピザをメインに、アペタイザーからスープ、サラダ、パスタ、デザートまで、豊富なメニューを揃えたプレミアム・ピザ・ダイニング。California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is a casual restaurant chain that is a leader in authentic California-style cuisine. Since its start in LA in 1985, it has been expanding its restaurants in the US and abroad. It features an imaginative line of hearth-baked pizzas, including the original BBQ Chicken Pizza, and a broad selection of distinctive pastas, salads, soups and sandwiches. Now you can enjoy CPK also in Japan!
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